Jun 15, 2013

3 hours to Deliver, That is Not Fast Food!

When people order fast food, like the name implies, they want it fast! How do you explain ordering lunch from one of these 'chicken ' eateries, less than two streets away, you have so much to do so you can not drive out  and decide to order instead. Three hours later, you are still waiting! And the shameless fast food (more like crawling food) still collect their delivery charge!
In civilised countries you get free delivery and even free meals when they fail to keep to time. And this crappy service just goes on and we all sit down and take it.
CSI team, we need to know what you intend doing asides sharing our stories.
Especially with these eateries. A colleague bought a pie, and there was a dead fly stuck to it, he showed it them, they just took it and gave him another. I bet they just took the fly off and sold it to some other unsuspecting customer.
Another eatery which starts with a T and is fast folding up (not surprised) actually serves left over meals!
Who monitors these guys? they are no better than iya basira who cooks her meal beside the gutter! At least her customers know what to expect!

Contributor: Very angry Customer

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  1. You haven't seen nothing yet! Yesterday, I ordered food from a new 'international standard' restaurant in Ikoyi and they assured me that they deliver. When the food arrived, I was shocked that it came in a regular kitchen plate with transparent paper wrapped around it for cover!

    Seriously, I couldn't even get angry, it was too hilarious for me to get angry over. Her excuse...they're yet to receive their takeaway plates which have been ordered from the US!